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Keyboard-Relief features

KEYBOARD-RELIEFFeels so much better.



Keyboard-Relief comes with a wealth of innovative features, all making typing easy, light and fun.
Fasten your seat belts, here we go...

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Huge Buttons

This is the main feature - a few very big buttons. Large space for the fingers is the most convenient way to type, and accompanied by the the double-tap idea it makes is possible reducing the number of buttons.

The following image-sequence demonstrates how to type Hello using Keyboard-Relief. This example and all the following ones stream from left to right, where each marked button leads to the following keyboard state.

B1.png B2.png B3.png B4.png B5.png B6.png B7.png B8.png B9.png B10.png

Faster Typing with Relief-Mode

This new layout which you can select at first activation, or later, via Settings, organizes the letters such that the thumb travel from exploding the view to pressing the desired key won't exceed 1 key distance.

Using this system is recommended, as it makes typing faster and even more fun!

OK Button

One look

When you first started using an Android keyboard you probably spent time looking for the approve button. Sometimes it said Done, sometimes it said Next, yet other times it showed a search icon. Keyboard-Relief's way is simply the OK symbol. All the time.

Several actions

The clever OK button knows how to:
  • Navigate to the next input field
  • Perform actions like post messages.
This means that when you use the messaging app or whatsapp, you post the message via the same OK button. There is no need at all to leave the keyboard for pressing the post button. If you used whatsapp with your current keyboard you probably noticed that you couldn't send the message using the keyboard, but the whatsapp own post button.

Cancel Button

The Cancel button is used to dismiss the keyboard. True, you can do it using the Android BACK button, but using Cancel has two pros:
  • You don't need to leave the keyboard region in order to dismiss it
  • It follows the PC standard and familiar way for canceling things

Together, the OK/Cancel buttons bring back the familiar method for approving or canceling operations of the virtual world.

Arrow keys

Use the arrow keys for placing the cursor accurately and easily.
They can be long-pressed for quick advance.

Delete a Word

With such big buttons you usually won't need to delete at all. Nevertheless, sometimes you would like to rephrase a word or a sentence, or delete the messaeg entirely.

For this purpose the Delete-a-word button comes in handy. It's located to the left of the regular Delete button, and likewise, can be held pressed in order to delete continuously.

This keyboard is by all means the fastest messege deleter!

Beautiful Themes

Well, reaching this paragraph, you couldn't have not noticed the beautiful plasma themes set. Keyboard-Relief comes with even more themes, which grant it an Android-game-like feeling.

Click Sounds

This keyboard comes with more than a few click sounds (off by default) which make it even more game-like.

There are common click sounds, a guiding click sound which makes a letter generation sound different from an exploding view sound, and there are also some fun sounds like random C major scale and B minor scale.

Auto Capitalization

The keyboard automatically capitalizes the first letter of each sentence, and also automatically capitalizes the word "I" (in English). You can turn both auto capitalizations off.

Auto capitalization is activated only in fields that request it. In fields that don't request it, like password fields, auto capitalization will not be activated.

First Class Digits & Punctuation

Digits and other useful symbols like . , ? ! - ' " and more are accessed at the same level as the letters. There is no need to switch to a different view or to long-press to produce them.

This will make your text much more nicely formatted, more satisfying to write, and more pleasant to read! It's something you probably long ago gave up, since these symbols are usually a bit harder to produce. Well, not anymore!

Bullets & Symbols

With a few extra taps you get a rich set of additional symbols, usually not found in other keyboards. In small button keyboards, auto correction and dictionaries are of no use with symbols, which leaves you in a direct contact with the small buttons. Hence symbols get second priority, if at all.

Not so with Keyboard-Relief. Since the buttons are so big and convenient to tap on, symbols can be accessed very easily, and make you messages much nicer!

Also included are a few types of bullets. You're messages are going to look all different now!

Settings in Keyboard

Keyboard settings are usually accessed from the Android's settings menu, which is available only from the home screen.

Keyboard-Relief allows you to invoke Settings from the keyboard itself, so you don't need to leave the app you are currently using.


Keyboard-Relief supports multiple languages. Currently 10 languages are supported:

  • English
  • Dansk (Danish)
  • Deutsch (German)
  • español (Spanish)
  • ελληνικά(Greek)
  • français (French)
  • עברית(Hebrew)
  • polski (Polish)
  • русский(Russian)
  • svenska (Swedish)

The Parrot key (marked on the middle image) navigates to languages view. You probably won't need all the languages displayed. You can hide languages via Settings.

If only 2 languages are selected in Settings, then the Parrot button will toggle between them instead of going through the languages view.

However, if you do want many to use many languages, then unlike other keyboards, this one support 9 selected languages at once!

Use Settings to select which languages you want to use.


There is sometimes confusion about the CAPS button in keyboards. When is it momentary? When is it in a locked state?

In keyboard relief there are two different buttons for momentary CAPS and CAPS-lock.

3 Sizes

Keyboard-Relief comes in 3 sizes, which you can select from via Settings.

Landscape Mode

You'll usually want to work in portrait mode with your thumb, but if you use an app that operates in landscape mode, and requires you to enter data with the keyboard, then Keyboard-Relief will work in landscape mode just as well.

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