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New ways of typing

KEYBOARD-RELIEFFeels so much better.

New ways

New Ways of Typing

Besides typing quickly and pleasantly without errors, Keyboard-Relief allows for new ways of typing, which you couldn't try before. These new ways were made possible thanks to both the large buttons and the small amount of them.

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Type without Looking

Since the keys are so big, and since there are only 9 of them, arranged in 3 rows of 3 keys, after some time of using this keyboard you won't need to look at the keys while you type anymore!

You will only need to look at the text you compose, and have a vague idea of where the keys are. It's a whole new experience of typing - look at the message instead of the keys!

This might be the feature that will make you reluctant to use any other keyboard.

Type with Arm Stretched

You got into you car, activated waze and attached it to the car's windshield. Then you remember that you haven't entered a destination for waze...

You don't need to detach it from the windshield! Just reach out for the phone with your arm, and tap in the destination with your index finger. Things have never been so easy.

Type Always

With this keyboard you can type easily and accurately while walking, climbing up the stairs, or when sitting in a trembling bus, even when it shakes you all up. Huge buttons, only 9 of them - it can't get any easier than this!

Ever got a message while one hand was holding some stuff, which you needed to put down in order to type back? Not anymore! With Keyboard-Relief you can operate your phone entirely with one hand, including tapping messages!

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