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Keyboard-Relief how to

KEYBOARD-RELIEFFeels so much better.

How To

How To

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How to type

You tap twice to produce a symbol. Indeed this sounds a bit strange! But when you try it out you'll see that tapping these keys is very convenient and even fun, and once you get used to it will really pay off!

How to insert a new line

It boils down to 3 taps on the same key.

How to press Ok/Cancel

OK replaces Next/Done/Search. It often also performs the Post/Send action.

Cancel hides the keyboard. No need to go to the BACK button.

How to delete

  • Delete a letter
  • Delete a word
  • What happens when you are already in exploded view?

How to change the language

  • Change the language
  • Show only selected languages

How to insert symbols

How to insert symbols and bullets?

How to go to Settings

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